Peter – Rearrested, Tried, & Beaten for Preaching

Peter – Rearrested, Tried, & Beaten for Preaching – The Honor of Suffering for Jesus

Today’s Reading:


  1. After the angel opened the prison doors what did the disciples do? What do you think you would have done? What do you imagine the priests were thinking when the prison was empty and they heard the disciples were preaching at the temple again?
  2. Have you ever thought how hard the hearts of these priests must have been to see the miracles Jesus was doing and yet reject Him over and over again? Do you see this same attitude today? Explain.
  3. How did the disciples live out the passages in Matthew 5 and 1 Peter 3? Have you ever suffered for doing good? Were you able to rejoice? How can these passages encourage you?
  4. What was Gamaliel’s advice? Did the priests take this advice to heart?

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