Jesus’ Ministry across the Jordan

Jesus’ Ministry across the Jordan – Marriage, the Rich Young Ruler, & Sacrifices for God

Today’s Reading:


  1. What were the disciples’ attitudes toward children? How did Jesus respond? What are the three ways He interacted with the kids? Which would you have enjoyed the most?
  2. Besides keeping the commandments, what does Jesus tell the rich ruler to do in order to inherit eternal life? What did the response of the ruler tell you about his heart? What would be the hardest thing for you to give up in order to follow Jesus?
  3. Do you think this means rich people can’t be saved or just that it’s tough for them to not depend on their wealth?
  4. What promise do we hear from Jesus that should give us confidence no matter what task lies before us? Have you ever memorized or claimed this verse in a difficult situation? If so, explain

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