The Jewish Temple Is Rebuilt Just as Wisdom Builds the House

Zerubbabel – The Jewish Temple Is Rebuilt Just as Wisdom Builds the House

Today’s Reading:


  1. What did Tattenai do to try to stop the building again? How did the Jews respond this time and how did they use the law in their favor? How did King Darius confirm the decree first issued by Cyrus?
  2. The Jews were surrounded by people who were against them, but eventually the Jews trusted God to take care of them. How did God abundantly supply beyond their need in this case?
  3. We read these stories of God’s power over and over again in the Bible, but how often have you relied on God to take care of you? Why do you think people rely on themselves and either forget or choose to ignore God?
  4. What is wisdom? Why is it important? How much does your family value it? How about your culture?

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