Esther’s Banquets, Mordecai’s Honoring & Haman’s Death


Today’s Reading:


  1. What did Esther say was her request when the king asked? Was that really it? Why do you think she invited them to dinner?
  2. What did Haman plan against Mordecai? During the same evening, what did the king hear about when he couldn’t fall asleep? How do you see God at work in today’s reading even though we never see His name mentioned in this book? How might God be at work in the circumstances of your life?
  3. In 24 hours, how did Haman’s life change? How did his pride and hatred come back to ruin him?
  4. Mordecai lived a life of integrity, devotion to God and servitude to the king. He eventually reaped what he sowed (Galatians 6:9), as did Haman. What kinds of things are you “sowing” in your life?

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