Daniel Deals with Temptation

Daniel & his Friends Obey God

Today’s Reading:


  1. Imagine being a teen and leaving your house and family forever. What do you think you would be thinking or feeling?
  2. Daniel wasn’t alone, however. He had three great friends. What are their Jewish names? What friends do you have that you can count on to support you and encourage you to do the right things?
  3. Daniel knew it was against God’s law to eat the food that had been offered to idols. What decision did he make first in his heart? Then what was his attitude when he talked to the chief of the eunuchs? Is there anything you need to stand up and refuse to be a part of, even though all of your peers are doing it?
  4. What was Daniel’s experiment and what were the results? How did God bless Daniel’s obedience? What does Proverbs 23 say to be careful to avoid?

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