Jeremiah’s Prophecy (re: 70 Years) to Jehoiakim Destroyed

Jehoiachin (Southern King 11 years)

Today’s Reading:


  1. Who started attacking Judah? How can God use other nations (that might not even follow Him) to accomplish His purpose? What does that tell you about God’s strength and wisdom?
  2. According to Jeremiah 25, for how many years has Jeremiah been speaking God’s messages? Have the people listened? How would that make you feel if you were him?
  3. What prophecy does Jeremiah give about the destruction of Jerusalem? For how long would the people be in captivity?
  4. Who is Baruch? What did he read in front of the temple? What did the king do with the scroll after it was read to him? How did Baruch respond? When people disregard your message what do you do?

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