Jeremiah’s Message to Jehoiakim vs. Hananiah’s Message

Jehoiakim (Southern King 11 years)

Today’s Reading:


  1. Who was Jehoahaz and what happened to him? Where did he end up living? Who was made king after Jehoahaz? What kind of king was he?
  2. What did God say through the prophet Jeremiah to the people? How did the people respond? Imagine being the prophet Jeremiah. What thoughts and feelings do you think you would have had if you were him?
  3. Has God ever asked you to deliver a difficult message to someone? What can you learn from Jeremiah?
  4. Explain the yoke illustration. Hananiah spoke words that the people wanted to hear but they weren’t true. Can you think of an example of someone today speaking persuasive words that people want to hear but they are false?

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