Jonah Flees & Prays

God Calls Jonah during the Reign of Jeroboam II (Northern King 41 years)

Today’s Reading:


  1. Where did God tell Jonah to go? Where did Jonah decide to go instead? Look these two locations up on a map. What was Jonah’s attitude towards God’s directons?
  2. What situations did God put Jonah in as a result of his disobedience? In the midst of these circumstances, how was God showing Jonah mercy?
  3. How were the sailors affected by Jonah’s disobedience? How have you been affected by someone else’s bad choices? Have you ever caused someone else to hurt because you were disobedient?
  4. Why do you think God caused the storm and then the great fish to swallow him? Can you think of any crazy circumstances you have lived through that “looking back” you see God’s hand? At this point in our reading, what is Jonah’s attitude?

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