Ahab (Northern King 22 years)

Elijah’s Victory, the Fires From Heaven & End of the Drought

Today’s Reading:


  1. Elijah and Obadiah both served God but in very different jobs. How did God use them in each of their jobs? Can you think of how God
    uses people you know today in very different jobs?
  2. Why was Obadiah scared to tell King Ahab he had found Elijah? Did he do it? What things are you scared of doing? How can you gain confidence from today’s reading?
  3. Summarize the Mount Carmel showdown. Did you ever think that a prophet could be sarcastic? How did God show His power?
  4. Explain the many miracles of the end of the drought. How fast did Elijah run? Can you imagine running that fast? What does it make you think of God when he mentions miracles in just one verse?

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