Saul Obeys God

Saul’s Coronation, Samuel’s Prayer & Praying for the Government

Today’s Reading:


  1. How did Saul respond to Nahash the Ammonite’s threat? When Saul defeated him, to whom did Saul give the credit?
  2. What mistake did Israel make regarding a king? Who was their king first?
  3. When God had delivered them in so many ways since leaving Egypt, why would they want to be like the other nations? Do you ever find yourself wanting to be like people around you instead of the way God has called you to live? How can you keep God as king in your life?
  4. Even though the people had made a mistake, what instruction did God give them so that they could still prosper? What instruction has God given us that we may lead a peaceable life today?

Admin note:

Thursday, May 5th, is National Day of Prayer. Be in prayer for OUR government during this time.

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