The 12 Spies & 40 Days of Searching

The Fears of the 10 Spies vs. the Faith of Caleb/Joshua

Today’s Reading:


  1. What instructions did God give Moses? How long were the spies gone? What was the report of the spies concerning the land?
  2. Who was quick to believe God to take possession of the Promised Land? What was the response of the rest of the spies?
  3. Who do you identify with most in this passage: Moses, Caleb/ Joshua or the other spies? Why? What do you think was different about Caleb/Joshua?
  4. How is Caleb rewarded for his faith in God? What do you think he thought during the 40 years in the wilderness? If you are ever discouraged by your current situation, how can this story support your strength for the long run?

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