Joseph & his Betrayal

Joseph is Envied, Betrayed & Sold by his Brothers (like Jesus was)

Today’s Reading:

It is easy to get jealous. Both Joseph’s brothers and the Jewish leaders felt that another was getting too much praise and attention. No good comes from those thoughts. It’s important for us to learn to “esteem others more highly than ourselves.”


  1. Every family makes mistakes. How did Jacob, Joseph and his brothers each do something that wasn’t the best choice for the family? What is something you sometimes do that doesn’t help the family get along?
  2. What two dreams did Joseph have? What did they mean?
  3. What did Joseph’s brothers do to him? If you were Joseph, what would you have been thinking in the pit as you listen to your brothers eat a meal and decide whether or not to kill you? What does Acts 7 teach us about God in even our worst circumstances?
  4. How are the chief priests and elders similar to the brothers of Joseph? Have you ever been envious or jealous of someone? How can you keep jealousy from becoming part of your identity?

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