Jacob & Leah/Rachel

Leah & Rachel Struggle with Each Other & are Used by God

Today’s Reading:

Leah and Rachel tried to outdo each other by having children. While the children were used by God, they had selfish intentions. Competition between theses sisters hurt their relationship.


  1. What were the names of Leah’s sons? What was the name of Rachel’s son? How are both of these women finding their identity and approval from their husband and their kids? Do you think this is God’s desire? Why or why not?
  2. Each son’s name meant something. What does your name mean? Ask your parents why they chose that name for you. Is it a part of your identity?
  3. How did Jacob trick Laban into keeping the best of the flock for himself?
  4. Even if their motivation was off, how did God use Rachel and Leah to build the house of Israel (Jacob)? How can God use you in His household?

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