Abraham & Hagar/Ishmael – Abraham Doubts God’s Promises & Blesses Ishmael

Today’s Reading:

Bake a treat but take it out of the oven several minutes early. Is it good? Trying to rush God’s timing is like eating a half-baked treat. It’s not God’s plan.


  1. Sarai knew God’s promise of blessing to her family but how did she try to make it happen in her timing? Was this a good idea? Explain. Did Hagar respect Sarai?
  2. Where did Hagar run? What did the angel tell her to do and what promise did he give her? Hagar gives God a name. What is it? How does that name make you feel?
  3. When Hagar & Ishmael are later sent away, how does God take care of them? What does this tell you about God’s love?

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