Abraham & Deception – Abraham’s Fear of People vs. Sarah’s Faith in God

Today’s Reading:

On a piece of paper, have every member write down something that could happen in their life that scares them. (Help those that can’t write yet or let them draw a picture.) Now exchange papers. Let everyone read their paper and give a way to trust God in this situation despite possible fears.


  1. Did Abram choose to live by faith in Genesis 12 or 20? How do you know? What do we learn about Sarai in 1 Peter?
  2. How did God deliver both Abram and Sarai? How might these chapters have been written differently if Abram had chosen to trust God?
  3. When is it hard for you to choose to trust God? Do you have a story of how God took care of your family during a time when you couldn’t see a way out?
  4. Did Abram learn his lesson the first time? What does that teach you about God’s grace and patience?

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