One Story Plan – Day 8

Noah & the Flood – Noah’s Faith & Deliverance from the Flood

Today’s Reading:

Look online at or other related websites to see related fun facts and pictures with accurate dimensions of the ark.


  1. Although most of mankind rebelled against God, who was still obedient and found grace in God’s eyes? How does God describe him?
  2. How did God plan to judge the earth? What did he ask Noah to do? What do you think his neighbor’s said to him while building it?
  3. Noah and his family were on the ark for a very long time. What do you think they did during the day? What do you think would be the best and worst part of being on a floating zoo?
  4. How did Noah act in faith, believing God would do something he had never seen before? How can you act in faith? What are you trusting God to do that you can’t currently see?

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