Stay Positive

Starting tomorrow, we will begin a 20 day series about staying positive!

Cynicism and negativity may be the easy choice, but they’re not the best choice. If you seek what’s good, you’ll see what’s good. Let’s embrace the way we’re created to think and Stay Positive.

I’m Optimistic – 4 days

Optimism doesn’t depend on what we see—it stems from what God says. This four-day Bible Plan from unwraps eight reasons from Romans 8 to remain unwaveringly optimistic.

Oct 25-28

I’m Grateful – 4 days

Gratitude turns what we have into enough. This four-day Bible Plan from will help you discover a more grateful perspective.

Oct 29-Nov 1

I’m Encouraging – 4 days

Being an encourager is more than just cheer leading. Let this four-day Bible Plan from help you discover the beauty and strength of encouragement.

Nov 2-5

I’m Generous – 4 days

When you gave your life to God, you accepted the most generous gift of all. This four-day Bible Plan from Life.Church will help you discover the only rational response.

Nov 6-9

I’m Confident – 4 days

So many of us teeter between insecurity and false confidence. This four-day Bible Plan from Life.Church will lay your new foundation in God confidence.

Nov 10-13

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